Dealing with the disgruntled ‘dinosaurs’
John Teo | 10 Nov 2017 00:30

Hop into any taxi these days and chances are one will hear an increasingly familiar sop: that ride-hailing apps such as GrabCar and Uber on tap over any smartphone are slowly but surely killing business. Not only are taxi drivers in the country bemoaning this new-technology blight on their livelihood, their counterparts all across the globe seem to be similarly afflicted.

Sabah KKIA (Kota Kinabalu International Airport) Taxi Driver Club chairman Irwan Abdul Khanis’ outcry against the new competition most likely resonated far and wide. Of the competitors, he was quoted telling the local Daily Express on Oct 25: “Since they started operating in KKIA last year, our income has dropped by almost 70-80%. Not that there is no action or monitoring by the authorities but it is increasingly widespread.