Flood relief – A time to give
Mahbob Abdullah | 08 Sep 2017 00:30
The current flood situation around the world, especially the US, is a good way of promoting our palm oil by donating to those affected by the disasters
I REMEMBER visiting Houston a few years ago and it is a flat brown plain with many tall buildings spread over a large area, broad highways and big cars including the Hummer that ate the miles easily.

Now from the comfort of our home we can see the news how the rains and the winds of Hurricane Harvey lashed the trees, tore the walls and roofs, and children got separated on their way to temporary shelters. Without power, hospitals could not operate, 18,000 schools were closed, and I could see old people were rescued from sinking cars.

The roads became rivers. The mass of water had a heavy count of E coli. It will take time for the land to get dry, much work to turn the wrecks into houses once more, and schools and life will have to start again. Although the Ünited States is considered a rich country, there are of course poor and needy people including in Houston, and they need help to work their way out of these troubles.

The planting industry has always seen its share of troubles too, with crop pests and diseases, war, and falling prices, but it rode these crises. With help from many nationalities, we have persevered and then prospered. Now we can pause for a while and think how we can reach out and give a hand internationally.

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