Handphone valuable tool in plantations
Mahbob Abdullah | 19 May 2017 00:30

I AM still in awe of the mobile phone which did not exist when I started work in the plantations. Today, it is helping us a lot. I wish to find out more on how it can help both with my job and with my financial well-being. It is hard to think back to the days without a handphone.

It does not seem that long ago that in the estates, once dispersed after morning muster, groups of workers and the tractor drivers would go their own way, and in many square kilometres of land, it was very difficult to find out where they went. If I had asked a passing worker if he had seen where the tractor had headed, he could point with his lips or his fingers, and just to please me, and as often as not, it was not in that direction at all. So much time was lost. Today phoning the driver is no trouble at all.

On the plantations, news came by mail in locked canvas bags fetched from the post office. It could come by boat from Sandakan when I was in Sabah, or by small plane when I was in Solomon Islands. There, I had no phone, no fax, and no newspapers for most of the time, and although it was paradise to live in, it was still a disadvantage as you could not ring home and check how your growing children were doing.

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