Malaysians are complacent in business practices
Akhbar Satar | 06 Apr 2018 00:30

THE corporate world is undergoing such rapid changes that businesses are hard pressed to adapt to a continually changing social, political, economic and technological environment.

One of the most pressing issues being faced is business integrity. It is a subject that attracts a lot of attention as a result of the heightened public awareness that bad governance, whether in the corporate or public sector, contributes directly to bribery and corruption.

There are ample evidence and studies that corruption distorts development, undermines and compromises a society’s integrity, and disrupts market operations.

In the process, it deprives ordinary citizens of those benefits that should properly accrue to them. What can we do to confront the issue?

We need to begin by closing windows of opportunity for corruption, and this can be done by examining and reviewing the existing legal framework, systems and practices with a view to rendering them more effective and transparent.