Jamari Mohtar | 05 Jan 2018 00:30
As crypto mania grips the globe, there are those who join in the rush and those who predict its doom – 123RF

The crypto mania of 2017 has spewed a number of interesting acronyms and terminologies. Here’s my version with a twist of humour.


Enter the FOMOs

First, you have the FOMOs – the folks who have a fear of missing out on the cryptocurrency boom. They were initially fence-sitters who didn't believe in cryptos because they were very much influenced by the talk of an epic bubble that’s about to burst.

When Bitcoin hit a new high of US$1,400 (RM5.627) in May, and then US$2,000 by month-end, followed by US$3,000 a few weeks later, the fence on which the FOMOs were sitting began to shake uncontrollably.