Staying on the high road
Winslow Wong | 08 Dec 2017 00:30
There’s no need to fight over who’s right. Let it go and focus on resolving the conflict

At work and, for that matter, in most relationships, we don’t always get our last word in. Sometimes it’s best to back down and take the high road to avoid a tense situation. Knowing when to let go is just as important as knowing when to stand your ground, and, as they say, winning a war is better than winning a battle.

By nature, I’ve a mind of my own, sticking up for myself, and speaking truth to power. So, resolving to stay on the high road was easier said than done, especially in my early working years. I recall a time when standing my ground backfired. I was working with a colleague – who was equally strong-willed and self-indulgent – on an elaborate event, and I kept arguing with her almost every step of the way. Despite our strongly-worded and sometimes fiery exchanges, the event surprisingly turned out to be a huge success. I must admit it was largely due to her meticulous planning, and by picking apart her ideas, I ended up looking immensely petulant.