Staying sane with thorns in your sides
Winslow Wong | 14 Apr 2017 00:30

AFTER my article entitled Let’s empathise, not torment was published recently, a friend suggested that to be fair to him and other bosses, I should also write a follow-up piece on how to deal with employees who drive you up the wall with their weird personalities and antics.

It’s all part of a manager’s job to deal with all kinds of employees, including those who get under your skin. Sometimes when you’re really fed up with them, you may feel like walking away and hiding in your room and telling them not to harass you or, worse still, yelling at them. Hiding doesn’t work as it just gets on the nerves of your entire team, and screaming makes you look like a lunatic and could be misconstrued that you’re the real culprit tormenting them. Either approach may cause some of your team members, including your favourites, to start dusting off their resumes because no one wants to work with a hermit or lunatic.

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