Tear down silos to build up productivity
Winslow Wong | 02 Feb 2018 00:30

When it comes to people and their quirks, idiosyncrasies and personality flaws, the variety seems to be endless. Having worked with such tough nuts over the years, I can fully empathise with business leaders and top company executives who have to ensure predictable patterns of disconnection between functional managers such as poor communication, duplication of work, unhealthy internal competition, lack of synergy and short-sighted solutions.

The primary root cause of many of these woeful issues is the ubiquitous silo mentality, a cancerous mindset whereby certain departments or groups do not willingly share information and resources with others in the same organisation. Like grain silos, organisational silos house precious resources that are separated according to type and are difficult to gain access to. While grain silos might work well in housing and protecting grains from nature’s elements, organisational silos can hurt business innovation, efficiency and collaboration. The silo culture, if left unchecked for a prolonged period, can lead to dangerous interdepartmental turf wars, tunnel vision and a conflicted leadership team. In the worst-case scenario, it can even cripple an organisation.