The value of leadership and teamwork
Mahbob Abdullah | 03 Nov 2017 00:30

In the estates outstanding results have to do with managing trees, but equally it has much to do with managing people. The trees will always be there, and they would need to be treated well, get their food and water on time, and be free from competition. This can be done only with an effective team of people, and it needs a strong leader to hold them together. Looking ahead, these two aspects of leadership and teamwork are growing to be more critical for the industry.

I have seen how teams have been formed in the past, and invariably, the leader is the glue and inspires them to do more. Fans of football can see this too, where the captain can make a big difference. It is no less so in the estate, except that instead of having 11 players, there would be about 100 players in a 1,000ha estate.