Winning the hearts and minds of employees
Winslow Wong | 05 Jan 2018 00:30

Hoping to improve customer experience, organisations clog our email inboxes with customer satisfaction surveys asking about our latest store visits or online transactions. Robocalls – phone calls using computerised auto-diallers to deliver pre-recorded messages – constantly annoy us at the most inconvenient times, often while we’re busy at work or enjoying our meals. Even social media is not immune, as some of the largest social networks have rolled out poll capabilities for users.

Organisations go to great lengths to better understand their customers’ goals, challenges and needs because they recognise these critical factors greatly impact the overall customer experience. They’re fully aware that consistently positive customer experiences lead to long-term relationships, whereas consistently negative experiences result in high churn.

Winning the hearts and minds of customers is imperative in today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, but what some organisations often forget is that their employees are their first – and most important – customers. Therefore, focusing on employee experience is even more critical than evaluating customer experience. The time, budget and resources an organisation dedicates to enhancing customer experience should never be more than what it invests in enhancing employee experience.