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Game On for Ola Bola the Musical
Evanna Ramly | 02 Feb 2018 00:30
A scene from Ola Bola the Musical.

This month, Enfiniti’s latest theatre production, OlaBola The Musical, will be the first show to be staged at the newly renovated Istana Budaya. Based on the 2016 box-office smash of the same name, it relives the glory days of Harimau Malaya, Malaysia’s national football team, when it successfully qualified for the Summer Olympics in 1980.

The movie was directed by Chiu Keng Guan and shot leading man JC Chee to stardom. For the musical, the director is Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, the choreographer is Stephen Rahman-Hughes (who also has an acting role in the musical) and the main cast comprises Muhd Luqman Hafidz, Brian Chan, Abimanyu Masilamani, Lim Jian Wen and Kai Chalmers along with rapper Altimet.

“When I watched the film, I realised that it had been a long time since there was a Malaysian production that reflected the Malaysia I remember growing up in, one that I look back on with fond memories,” says Tiara who is also the producer and chief dream-maker of the Enfiniti Group. “It really moved me to tears.”

An idea started playing in her head. “I have this habit of imagining musical scenes while watching a movie. But this was football; how could I even see it as a musical? Yet somehow, I did!” she laughs.