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Lights, Camera, Action!
Evanna Ramly | 24 Oct 2017 12:41
Winning the top prize at BMW Shorties was a huge motivation for Tan

In 2006, BMW Group Malaysia introduced a new cultural initiative that would provide local amateur filmmakers a platform to express their creativity and celluloid genius. To date, its popular short film competition called BMW Shorties has received more than 750 entries, many of which have since been screened at prestigious international film festivals in Cannes, New York, Rotterdam, Oberhausen, Rome and Clermont-Ferrand.

BMW Shorties has journeyed a remarkable distance since it first undertook the task of providing a platform for aspiring Malaysian film enthusiasts to realise their potential,” said Han San Yung, managing director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia.

“As a premium brand which understands the importance of cultural pursuits like filmmaking to a generation, the BMW Group is extremely humbled by the response we have recorded and the impact we have rendered in the local film industry through BMW Shorties. Having received over 600 short film entries and launched countless film talent into full-fledged careers, the BMW Shorties is honoured to have helped Malaysia build a bold legacy in filmmaking.”

Top prize winners of BMW Shorties receive a generous production grant of RM75,000 for their next work. Apart from the director, other talents are also recognised with awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Editing and Best Sound Design as well as a People’s Choice Award.
The winner of the 2016 edition was Tan Ce Ding, whose short film Hawa tapped into the sci-fi genre, uncovering the relationship between humans and robots in a futuristic Malaysia. He continues this theme in his recently premiered film, The Masseuse.

Graduating from Sunway University with a diploma in performing arts and media, Tan first began his career as a production assistant, quickly advancing to assistant director and eventually sitting in the director’s chair for numerous commercials.