30 hot penny stocks 
Most of the 30 featured on our Focus List have enjoyed double-digit gains this year and are poised to do even better

Windfall for MPHB Cap shareholders? 
Special payout seen after divestment of additional 21% stake in insurance unit to Generali Asia

Investors query Vizione’s aborted project talks 
But company says it was a ‘theoretical exercise’ for its proposed rights and warrants issue

Bangsar South trademark poser 
With UOA owning the Bangsar South trademark, can other developers still leverage on the success of the brand?

MDBC puts Malaysia on Dutch map 
The council assists SMEs in networking and business development opportunities

Our ‘personalities’ dictate financial choices 
Whether you are a Maker, Spender, Giver or Saver, experts say there are lessons to be learnt

May 4 – holiday for a galaxy 
The Star Wars franchise has won so many fans worldwide that it is marked with an annual holiday, albeit non-official

Looming challenges in PE space 
General partners focused on Asia-Pacific region to face stiff challenges in the years ahead

The cities we once knew 
The gentrification of our urban centres is slowly forcing the working class out of their neighbourhoods.
Seriously, it’s just for laughs 
Hannan Azlan’s unique style of comedy brings loads of wit, songs and music to the stage.

No place for gender discrimination 
Women should be empowered to speak up on issues that matter to them.

A generation at risk 
Millennials face a difficult future, with many being jobless, mired in debt and unable to own a home.

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Gourmet Wonderland 
A melting pot of cultures with cuisines old and new makes the Garden State of Australia a hot destination for epicurean

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