The cities we once knew 
The gentrification of our urban centres is slowly forcing the working class out of their neighbourhoods.

No place for gender discrimination 
Women should be empowered to speak up on issues that matter to them.
Dousing the flame of employee burnout 
Organisations need to learn to spot and manage burnout among their staff.
Seriously, it’s just for laughs 
Hannan Azlan’s unique style of comedy brings loads of wit, songs and music to the stage.
A generation at risk 
Millennials face a difficult future, with many being jobless, mired in debt and unable to own a home.
Upskilling for the digital workforce 
The government and the private sector need to invest money to train the workforce for the future.
Quest to quench the thirst 
Several factors, including politics, are hampering Penang’s ability to find alternative sources of clean water.