Concierge services for the masses
Behonce Beh | 31 Jul 2015 00:30
Unlike courier services, on-demand delivery companies can handle a range of pick-up types, from food to bouquets
Unless you have deep pockets, personal concierge services such as those offered by credit-card companies and mobilephone carriers, are often out of reach. That may be changing. The privilege of having someone run your errands, buy your tickets and pick up your laundry is within reach as a wave of start-ups offers on-demand services for a reasonable price. “Before we came to this business, people relied on friends or family to help with their tasks,” explains Be Lazee Group Sdn Bhd CEO Adlin Yusman. Be Lazee operates Be Malas, a fulfilment network that meets customers’ requests sent through SMS. It has been in operation since April and demand for its services has grown, mainly through word of mouth and strong support from women. Be Malas chief marketing officer Suthenesh Sugumaran -- Nash -- says close to 70% of its users are women. In terms of demographics, 40% of customers are working adults and 30% are stay-at-home mums. The mechanics of getting a request fulfilled are fairly straightforward. Customers text their request and the team takes it from there. Payment happens once the task is done. There is also growing demand from corporate clients. Many view the services as an alternative to a fulltime despatch rider. Corporate requests can range from collecting and depositing cheques to settling bills and summonses at the local council as well as picking up and delivering documents.