Selling diamonds online
Calyn Yap | 24 Jun 2016 00:30
Ziwei (left) and Ziyin started the business to provide quality diamonds at compelling value by reducing costs as much as possible
FOR some lucky guy, there comes a time when he is faced with the privilege and challenge of buying the perfect diamond to propose to his bride-to-be. However, despite the increased openness of the market and rise of e-commerce, options for the average customer today is still limited to inventory kept by a handful of local jewellers. Customers may at times be forced to settle for less as choices are often whittled down based on budget and design availability. Sometimes they purchase a diamond that does not fit their needs but based on the “advice” from the salesperson. In an effort to clear inventory, they may offer biased recommendations or suggest diamonds with high mark-ups. Often, education is left by the wayside in the haste to meet sales targets. It is a rare customer indeed that comes out of a jeweller’s with full understanding of the exact specifications – desired shape, size, colour, clarity, cut quality, and the type of certificate – of the diamond they just purchased. This state of affairs was what prompted brothers Low Ziwei and Ziyin to set up diamond trading start-up Zcova Sdn Bhd which leverages on the online platform to provide customers with quality loose diamonds and gemstones. It also offers jewellery design as a service.

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