Are we at Industry 4.0 or 0.4?
Neil Foo | 01 Feb 2019 00:30
Not many people really know about Industry 4.0, be they policymakers, industry leaders or academicians, when it comes to the execution of this transformation.

Let’s audit if we are even at 3.0.

Industry 3.0 = Fully Computerised + Fully Automated Manufacturing System.

Are we there yet?

Industry 4.0 = Big Data + Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep Learning + Fully Computerised + Full Automation with Robotic Manufacturing System.
Flashback 1994, my first job was already in the environment of Industry 3.0: making medium density fibreboard (MDF) in Malaysia for export to 40 countries!

With an in-depth understanding of 4.0, I was fortunate to have been exposed to 3.0 for the past two decades in my manufacturing career.

The then-GLC, Guthrie MDF, was already at Industry 3.0 level, and we even had a “Lukki Storage System” which was a fully automated call to locate and grab the stock pallets with a one-click system.

So, how many manufacturing companies are really in Industry 3.0 today?

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