Automating HR processes
Calyn Yap | 04 Aug 2017 00:30
Human resource (HR) departments should ideally be focusing on employee performance management and retention, rather than paperwork.

However, most SMEs believe the most important HR tasks are handling payroll or processing leave applications. Many do not even realise that HR functions should encompass more critical work.

Part of this problem is that while automation plays a key role in freeing resources for more important business activities, most HR software providers do not serve SMEs.

Coastal Hectare Sdn Bhd (Kakitangan.com) founder Effon Khoo says: “Out of 10 SMEs, eight will tell you that payroll is the most important HR work, and the other two will say it is leave applications. This is not right.

“Small companies struggle with paperwork so much they don’t realise the really important HR role is something else.”

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