Building on our strengths
Tan Jee Yee | 06 Apr 2018 00:30
Brandt believes if Malaysia pursues bilateral collaboration in German technology, it could distinguish itself from other Asean countries

Malaysia-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MGCC) general manager Thomas Brandt has a wish for companies in the country – that they take advantage of German technology to get a leg up in the region.

Germany is the largest European investor in the country, with corporations like Bosch and Osram producing and exporting their products from here.

“We are proud that large corporations are in Malaysia, contributing greatly to its development and providing the people with the necessary skills,” Brandt says.

However, he observes that Malaysian exports are higher than its imports as the country is not producing cars and machines for export, but rather, foreign investors import their products, add value, and re-export them. He estimates that for every one unit exported, Malaysia imports 0.4.