Catering to the appetite of the masses
Behonce Beh | 09 Feb 2018 00:30
Foo Kuan (left) and Foo Khun started Big Onion Caterers in 2010
An event or gathering is not complete without food so caterers are the go-to person for most event planners or organisers.

Though cooking for a restaurant and catering for off-site events may share similarities, they have different standard operating procedures and requirements.

“Catering is the polar opposite of running a cafe. Running a cafe is somewhat easier as you wait for your customers to walk in and all you need are there on your premises.

“Whereas for catering, food handling is important from the kitchen to the venue. The decision to cook in the kitchen or at the venue needs to be considered beforehand, along with how the food will be served and presented on-site,” explains Big Onion Food Caterer Sdn Bhd director and executive chef Liang Foo Khun.

The company was founded by Foo Khun and his brother Foo Kuan, who is the CEO, in 2010 as they outgrew their cafe business.