Changing the mindset of retailers
Behonce Beh | 30 Mar 2018 00:30
The retail experience will evolve in time alongside trends and market needs
NO buzzwords or technology jargons. Just pure, simple, good customer service. That is and has always been the crux of the retail industry.

While it is true e-commerce has impacted offline retailers’ earnings, this doesn’t mean it lacks the tools to make the shopping experience great again.

CPN Ventures Sdn Bhd chief operating officer Anthony Dylan says most items offered in a shopping mall are often similar to those sold in other shops, so retailers can differentiate themselves through the experiential component of shopping.

“You may have the same brand across many stores but the human touch differs as the person managing each store is not the same.

“The key to today’s business is marrying technology and customer service to create that experience,” Dylan says.

CPN Ventures is a shopping centre management company with its latest project soon to be launched in Shah Alam, Selangor