Getting online marketing right
Calyn Yap | 04 May 2018 00:30
In today’s digital world, online marketing is an unavoidable business aspect that SMEs have to actively and continuously invest in. While these smaller companies realise its importance, many are still struggling to execute a viable strategy on digital platforms.
The majority of local businesses own a website, or are present in one or more e-commerce marketplaces.
That said, Shopify Singapore country manager Arun Verma stresses the importance of SMEs maintaining a cohesive strategy online.
He says: “When you sell on multiple channels and platforms, you tend to lose your own brand. It’s important to have your own website to maintain your own brand while at the same time leveraging multi-channels to grow.”
The main consideration of a business should always be on building it for the long term, which is why local SMEs should think locally and regionally even at the start of their venture.
In terms of success factors, Arun points out that different companies focus on different aspects when executing business plans and strategies. Smaller players must identify the factors that give them the best fit.

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