Insken’s holistic approach to helping SMEs
Najihah S | 03 Nov 2017 00:30
Firdaus says Insken works with govt agencies to help improve the productivity of SMEs

Businesses wanting to stay ahead of the competition must raise their operating efficiency and  improve productivity with strong technical and soft skills.

This is where Institut Keusahawanan Negara (Insken), which was established in 2003, offers its expertise.

 The agency assists businesses in three stages - start-up, scaling and achieving high performance. 

“Each group of SMEs would have its own set of problems. Start-ups in general will face challenges in getting people to trust their ideas. They need help on validation of products. They also need a lot of convincing to invest in sales and marketing.

“They are mostly financially challenged so they are not able to perform exercises such as market validation and business model canvassing. We will help them with that,” says Insken CEO Muhd Firdaus Azharuddin.