Leading by example
Calyn Yap | 02 Feb 2018 00:30
From left: Futurelab co-founder and CEO Brian Tan, EasyParcel CEO Clarence Leong and Dish by Ili and Agak Agak Initiative founder Ili Sulaiman

IT may sound nonsensical to say that leadership is not about managing staff, but leading them.

Many founders and entrepreneurs, however, tend to lean towards day-to-day staff management instead of creating an environment that empowers their employees to grow the business together and achieve the company’s vision.

Asiamet Execution Education CEO Datuk Jayles Yeoh says leaders are those who create and execute the company’s vision via the development of new norms of business models, in terms of how it creates, delivers and captures value.

“The organisation of the future revolves around people who create and communicate the vision, enables broad-based empowerment and an adaptive corporate culture. There must be a persistent sense of urgency and teamwork at the top.

“The future of work is not about full-time employment; people want freedom and flexibility,” he says.