Making money while jetting around the globe
Calyn Yap | 10 Nov 2017 00:30
Cross-border shopping is forecast to make up 20% of e-commerce in 2022 with sales of US$627 bil, according to a Forrester Data report

Frequent travellers are often tasked by family and friends to purchase a variety of items when they travel overseas. Now, there is an option for these travellers to earn extra income by doing so via a digital platform.

For instance, Jetspree Sdn Bhd’s platform helps to connect travellers with shoppers digitally. The platform, which moderates cross-border e-commerce transactions between the two parties, enables shoppers to purchase items unavailable locally through those travelling abroad.

For travellers, they are able to earn extra money by fulfilling shopper requests during their travels.

Jetspree co-founder and executive director Alexander Le, who travelled frequently across Asia and the United States, often had family and friends requesting him to bring certain items back for them.