MUSC Food offers a taste of Sarawak
Najihah S | 13 Oct 2017 00:30
MUSC Food produces a range of pastes from Sarawak laksa to Sarawak pepper based items

CUISINE is not just a style or a cooking characteristic from a particular country or region. It also represents the elements of culture and history.

Laksa, for example, is a gravy noodle dish that has several variants, depending on its origin.

Hence, laksa paste manufacturers need to maintain the authenticity of its taste, while ensuring good nutrition and packaging.

This helps make it marketable to a large section of consumers.

For MUSC Food Industries Sdn Bhd, the journey began in 2008 after the company owners diversified from the bakery business to producing Sarawak food pre-mixes.

Founder and managing director Vincent Chong says prior to setting up the company, the business started in 2006 as a cottage industry producing bakery items.