Muslim menswear gaining traction
Najihah S | 07 Jul 2017 00:30
THE booming Muslim wear market is estimated to hit US$327 bil (RM1.4 tril) by 2019, according to the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17.

While Muslim wear for women remains the main target for most businesses, Muslim menswear is now beginning to stir the apparel market.

In recent years, apparel brands such as Johan Rosli, Acro Apparel and UMMA have emerged. And they are trying to differentiate themselves to stay ahead in the competitive industry.

Jubah Lelaki Johan Rosli, the company behind the Johan Rosli brand, infuses modern and trendy jubah (Arabic robe) cuts in its apparel.

Realising the difficulty in finding  the perfect fit for his style of jubah, Kedah-born Johan Rosli started taking sewing classes to learn the basics of making clothing. He progressed to produce modern designs that suited urban Muslim professionals.

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