Omorose gains attention in world market
Najihah S | 11 Aug 2017 00:30
Organic and eco-friendly products are fast catching on among consumers here and many businesses are already moving towards this direction.

For Omorose Marketing Sdn Bhd, it is doing more than just offering environmentally friendly products. It is also doing its part for the community by providing employment opportunities.

The company is founded by Sabahan Terry Liau, who was trained as a prosthetic make-up artist. 

“I did a lot of sculpting and moulding for movie characters. I went on to be involved in cosmetic manufacturing and I was attached to a British company. 

“That’s when I learned the process to build cosmetic products, from conceptualising to testing, labelling and marketing,” he says.

Omorose offers organic cosmetics, which are now well received internationally due to the content and packaging which incorporates Braille.

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