Retailers leverage on shift in CNY shopping
Najihah S | 02 Mar 2018 00:30
Penny Choo and her husband Giden Lim analyse customer orders to improve their service
Traditional brick and mortar retail players used to enjoy brisk sales during the Chinese New Year (CNY) season but it appears players using the online platform are the ones which are seeing higher sales.

Online retailers see the shift in consumer behaviour and are actively offering customers variety, prompt delivery and product customisation.
The festive season is often a time where local online portals can easily pull customers as food items are often top on the list and prompt delivery is a huge factor.

An online store that lists only Malaysian products, Homedeal.my, has been in business since April 2016. To-date, it has more than five local manufacturers listed on the website with products ranging from food to personal care exclusively on the site.