Staying ahead with e-seals development
Najihah S | 09 Feb 2018 00:30
Ng says his company is preparing to export new products to India and Europe

Most exporters are concerned about the security of their shipments due to the high value of the goods. As global trade continues to grow, they want to ensure as much as possible their cargoes are not compromised.

As such, there is an increasing demand for seals that offer the latest innovations and technology.

As it is, there is constant innovation in the production of electronic security seals (e-seals), with local players such as Mega Fortris (M) Sdn Bhd and Envotech Sdn Bhd making a name for themselves in innovating e-seals.

Mega Fortris group CEO Adrian Ng says: “We are looking to incorporate RFID [radio frequency identification] into our seals, but there is a lot of different expertise involved.

“[For example,] we will need RFID readers in various configurations to test different reading environments and also RFID encoders to encode information into the RFID chip.”