Sun Inns building a strong brand
Calyn Yap | 02 Feb 2018 00:30
Ng says investing in technology will help increase efficiency and cut costs
Despite rising costs and increasing regulations, Sun Inns Hotel Group is determined to make the best of it by ensuring efficiency in its operations and cutting down on wastage.

Its director Ng Hong Keat says the company will make improvements at the front desks, by installing self-service machines for guests to check-in and collect room keys as well as to check-out.

At the moment, it is still vetting the technology available in the market but is looking to implement the plan within the next few years due to compatibility with existing systems.

“All of our front office systems are already computerised, but we want to ensure there’s a proper link between the check-in systems and these front office systems. There are already some hotels that have such facilities,” Ng tells FocusM.

The move is part of its technology drive, as the company already has centralised control for front office and audit systems as well as CCTV.

One of the largest budget hotel groups in the country, Sun Inns Hotel has more than 20 one- and two-star hotels in the Klang Valley and several other states. Some 70-80% of its guests are locals, followed by Singaporeans and Indonesians.