Unlocking the value of intangible assets
V. Sanjugtha | 11 Jan 2019 00:30
Intellectual property (IP) trademarks (TM), patents and brandnames are often overlooked and lie unvalued in the accounts of local companies.

As such, millions of ringgit are believed to be locked in intangible assets (IA) that are not reflected in balance sheets across the nation from large corporations to SMEs.

As companies evolve, physical assets such as cash, stock, machinery or office buildings are no longer the main yardstick to evaluate market value; intangibles like IP take centrestage.

In the early 1900s the world’s largest companies were those in commodities and manufacturing like US Steel, Pullman and American Tobacco which derived value and success from physical assets like oil fields and factories.

While oil companies still make the list, Apple tops the list with a market value close to US$1 tril (RM4.11 tril) with other technology-based companies - Amazon.com, Alibaba and Facebook - not far behind.

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