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Come on, NRD, shape up
FocusM team | 12 May 2017 00:30
THE National Registration Department (NRD) has been lax in registering thousands in the country who are without identification documents. 

The result is the launch of Mega MyDaftar campaign to record undocumented Indians. The government did not reveal the number of stateless Indians, but the opposition puts it at 300,000.

Whatever the figure, something should have been done to seek out and register them over the years. And illegals should have been deported.

Before this mega campaign, the government received only 12,000 applications for MyKad from the Indian community. Of this, 7,000 were resolved while the rest were under consideration for approval. No reasons were given.
Strangely, the Mega MyDaftar campaign will run for only three weeks from June 3 to 23. Is there enough time to register all undocumented individuals? 

The NRD had previously launched its MyDaftar campaign. It should tell us how successful it was. How many people of all races were registered under the campaign?

Sadly, we still read of cases involving all races complaining that they cannot obtain MyKad although they qualify. Strangely, they were issued the document after their cases were highlighted in the media. 

Many times, they had appealed only to be told that their application was being processed. Could it be the NRD’s incompetence or were there valid and good reasons to sit on the applications? 

Because of the growing number of complaints in the media, the government has to embark on special campaigns just to register stateless people. The NRD needs to be proactive in carrying out its mandate.

It should also clean up its house and sack dishonest staff. Recently, there were reports of an alleged fake citizenship and MyKad syndicate. What’s shocking and worrying is that the documents seized are genuine. 

Stateless people are a burden on the country and economy as they cannot get formal education, get treatment when sick, or work. Many are forced to resort to crime.

Come on, NRD, clean up your act. Attend to complaints and applications promptly. And officers should go to the ground and root out stateless people instead of hoping they turn up at NRD offices.