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Embrace the changing business landscape
FocusM | 30 Nov 2018 00:30
A group of taxi drivers is still bent on staging a protest on Dec 19 despite assurances by the authorities that their grievances are being looked into.

The drivers are singing the same old tune – that e-hailing companies such as Grab are robbing them of a living. They lament that their income has dropped and want the government to curb e-hailing companies.

Taxi drivers forget that like many businesses affected by technology and changing consumer preferences, it’s about adapting to change. That means adjusting to the needs of customers.

Just look at hoteliers. They too have been affected by the increasing popularity of Airbnb, an online marketplace where people rent their properties or spare rooms to guests.

It is said that Malaysia is the fastest growing market for Airbnb in Southeast Asia. It had 44,000 listings and two million guests using it last year, double that of 2016.

Hoteliers had been lamenting that Airbnb was eating into their market share. Like cabbies, they too wanted the government to curb the popularity of Airbnb.

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