Heroic Forces
Evanna Ramly | 29 Dec 2017 00:30
Iron Man figurine

Teaming up with The Walt Disney Company Malaysia, Royal Selangor recently launched its inaugural collection featuring Marvel superheroes. The range caters to generations of fans who grew up with the iconic characters, thrilled by their adventures in comic books, TV shows and films.

Leading the pack is the limited-edition Iron Man. Billionaire industrialist Tony Stark stands nine inches tall, his streamlined armour glinting as he steps off a powered platform in his lab. The Avenger looks poised to unleash a beam from his gauntlet, its strength concealed by the smooth precise lines that delineate the plates of his famous suit. Sculpted to minute detail, the coveted figurine is limited to 3,000 worldwide.

Spider-Man swings in to help save the day, the muscular curves of his athletic build and subtle wrinkles of his richly textured costume faithfully reproduced. Also limited to 3,000 worldwide, the nine-inch figurine is already a hot topic in Peter Parker’s friendly neighbourhood.