Mad3 In Malaysia
Jennifer Choo | 09 Mar 2018 00:30
Giving new life to old designs.

When news broke that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had furniture from a certain Swedish giant in their home, it was the source of much amusement but not surprise. After all, the ubiquity of Scandinavian design is deep-rooted across the world.

When Tang Mun Kian was looking to furnish his workspace in Penang, he didn’t want to have a space populated by POANGs or BILLYs but pieces that resonated with his upbringing and the local context.

There really wasn’t much matching these requirements in the market so Tang partnered up with his longtime friends Desmond Phang and Bernard Chong Wei Yong to design and make them.

The trio found this experiment so fulfilling that it led to the founding of MAD3 Studio in 2014. Since then, their common interest and love for handcrafted furniture has resulted in a range of chairs and bar stools constructed using steel frames and PVC cords.

MAD3 Studio’s first collection was inspired by typography and used bright, bold colours of electric blue and yellow, in addition to the basic black and white. Typography was a natural point of reference as Tang, Phang and Chong all have a graphic design background and met while working in the creative department at the same advertising agency.