Notably Exquisite
Tan Jee Yee | 08 Dec 2017 00:30
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a beautiful design housing powerful technology with a slew of useful features

I remember when first Samsung Galaxy Note was launched. There were creased eyebrows and sniggers. Sceptics were quick to denounce the phone as a jumping-the-shark moment at a time when slim and sleek was the way to go.

Now, large-sized phones are everywhere. Even Apple can’t deny that many people prefer larger screens, bulkiness be damned. And the Note was the king of all big phones, getting bigger with each iteration.

But every sovereign has a black mark in its history. The Note 7, as many would remember, had an inconvenient tendency to catch fire. Samsung spent the better part of last year dousing out the metaphorical flames, and making doubly sure that none of its phone will ever combust again. The Note 8 is the result of this effort, larger and even more powerful than its beleaguered predecessor.

Even if you discard some of its more flashy gimmicks, the Note 8 is a more complete and robust instrument than any of its large-screen competitors. Fast performance, nice design, water resistant, pen input, fingerprint reader and a solid camera are just some of the many impressive features. That said, it is not perfect – the hefty price tag, for one – but I’d still say it has more hits and misses.