Steering In The Right Direction
Richard Augustin | 02 Mar 2018 00:30
The 4WD Renault Koleos has lots to offer driving enthusiasts.

It is a well-known fact that most SUV buyers today rarely take their vehicles off-road. This is predominantly why most car manufacturers often produce just 2WD versions of the SUV models.

Sales figures also show that 2WD variants sell better than their 4WD counterparts within the same model line-up. The reason for that, no surprise, is mainly down to price.

With an added drivetrain and enhanced features, most 4WD SUVs are being marketed as higher spec vehicles. Although the consumer market for these vehicles is small, there is still a lot to play for as car brands strive to lure discerning buyers who want a proper full-fledged 4WD SUV parked in their driveway.

French car brand Renault knows full well that there is still a sizeable market to tap into, which is why it has introduced a new 4WD variant of its flagship SUV. The Renault Koleos, which we had the opportunity to test earlier this year, is rather good.

With a higher asking price of more than RM20,000, most buyers would be completely happy with the standard 2WD model. No one would blame them either, especially if they have no plans to take the Koleos out into the great outdoors.

That said, the higher spec 4WD does come up with added advantages that some may find irresistible.

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