A simple will for millennials
Lim Siew May | 14 Jul 2017 00:30
When you’re young, it’s easy to feel invincible as death is the furthest thing on your mind. After all, the Department of Statistics Malaysia data reveal the life expectancy for males and females are 73 and 77 years respectively.

Another reason for dragging your feet to prepare a will is that you are so busy accumulating wealth in the early part of your career that estate planning seems inconsequential. This can seem even less important for those who have not amassed substantial wealth and do not have any dependants.

But for those who are more far-sighted, you’ll be able to see the importance of having a will. Jon Ti, a licensed financial planner from financial consultancy Ascendur Bistari Sdn Bhd, believes that starting estate planning early and writing a will is definitely worth the time and money for anyone, including millennials.

“Is it easier to try to take account and manage a large estate later in life, or start early and adjust according to life’s journey?” he questions. 

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