Asserting your rights as a consumer
Lim Siew May | 04 Aug 2017 00:30
If you’ve ever been unhappy with an errant seller, know that your consumer rights may be stronger than you are aware of.
In the event that you have been short-changed or cheated by parties selling you goods and services, you can seek recourse at the Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia. However, the reality is that not every consumer knows that such an avenue is available or how to proceed in making a claim.

Set up in 1999, the tribunal is an independent body that provides an alternative forum for consumers to settle disputes regarding goods and services acquired from traders or service providers in a simple, inexpensive and efficient way compared to the civil courts.
Filing fee is but a mere RM5, although your total amount claimed must not exceed RM25,000. Here’s the key question: Is it worth bringing your case to the tribunal when your claims are just a few hundreds or even a few thousand ringgit? 

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