How to invest with equity crowdfunding
Tan Jee Yee | 11 Jan 2019 00:30
We all have our investment fantasies. Imagine being the first people to have invested in companies like AirBnB or Uber, where any tiny take we own now would’ve tripled or quadrupled in value.

These are fantasies of being angel investors – those individuals who invest in small start-ups or entrepreneurs in the hope that a few of them will grow into the “next big thing”.

Some may want to stop fantasising and actually turn it into a reality. It’s a good time to be an angel investor, after all, Southeast Asia is an emerging market where the right tech start-up can properly disrupt traditional industries. There are already success stories – Grab, Lazada, Garena and Traveloka, to name a few.

But angel investing isn’t an investment that everyone can make. Most angel investors are affluent to begin with, and they need to be investing in start-ups, which can be costly and immensely risky.

Nine out of 10 start-ups fail, after all. You wouldn’t want to sink your life’s savings betting on the next Facebook only to see it falter.

Fret not. There are ways for less-affluent investors to more accessibly invest in start-ups, and
one of them is equity crowdfunding.

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