Investing wisely: Lessons from VIS 2019
Tan Jee Yee | 25 Jan 2019 00:30
Investing in the stock market isn’t an easy endeavour. But it is an increasingly important aspect of our financial lives for all to consider, what with rising inflation and higher cost of living. Yet it’s often hard to get into, and mistakes can be costly.

Learning how to invest properly is vital, and learning from the best can only be beneficial. Thankfully, events like the Value Investing Summit (VIS) 2019, which was held on Jan 19-20 at the NEXUS Connexion Conference and Event Centre in Kuala Lumpur, exist to help people ease into being investors.

The brainchild of 8VIC Holdings Ltd under its main brand, Value Investing College (VIC), VIS is an annual conference featuring some of the best investing minds in Asia and around the world, serving as a platform for industry experts and investors to share ideas, discuss investment strategies and support one another.

The eighth overall Summit, VIS 2019, was the first to be held out of its home base in Singapore. With the theme of “Untold Stories of Successful Investors,” the Summit focused on the basics of value investing and discussed the secrets and little known facts of successful investors.

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