Short-term rental option for home owners
Lim Siew May | 14 Apr 2017 00:30
It is common for property owners to engage agents to sell or rent out their premises. For those looking to lease out their units, they now have more options to do so. 

Short-term rental via Airbnb has become very popular in recent years. Some property owners or short-term rental operators reveal how they can double the monthly rental of the conventional one- to two-year tenancy.

For areas with an oversupply of new properties, Airbnb can help to fill the void when conventional tenancies are hard to come by. While it does have its upside, the reality is that this may not be for everyone and every property.

The Makeover Guys Sdn Bhd co-founder of rental solutions provider Gavin Liew believes the location and type of property are some of the key considerations in assessing whether your properties are suitable for short-term rental.