Tapping into online marketplaces
Tan Jee Yee | 29 Jun 2018 00:30
Whether you intend to start your own business or make some money on the side, selling things online have become an easily accessible, undoubtedly viable option.

You’ll be tapping into a market of avid online shoppers, for one. According to the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDeC), Malaysia has the highest penetration of online shoppers in the region, with 67% of our 19 million Internet users procuring goods online.

But even if you discount that, one reason to get into online retail is the sheer ease and accessibility. E-commerce used to be a business walled behind technology that you needed to pay for – that is, aspiring online sellers would have to fork out capital to build websites and hire people to manage its backend.

Today, starting blogs with its own e-commerce backend systems only costs a fraction of what it used to be. More importantly, platforms like Lazada and 11Street are marketplaces that allow virtually anyone to start selling, while social networks like Facebook and Instagram are viable places to not only set up shop, but to also market your goods to the right people.

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