Up close and personal with a robo-advisor
Tan Jee Yee | 07 Dec 2018 00:30
Imagine this situation. You’re in your early thirties, almost 10 years into a career. You earn a decent salary, living in a modest house with a working spouse. You’re pretty sure you are doing all the right things financially, from having savings goals to ensuring you cover your expenses and debts.

What’s beyond the horizon for you now is Investing: that term you’ve heard about and understood, but never fully certain of where to begin. Should you start small? Should you start safe? But from what you can tell, everything to start with seems hefty and intimidating.

Perhaps you can approach a financial advisor, but even the prospect of it feels overwhelming. Can you afford a certified financial planner? Would they even care to tend to a middle income, just-testing-the-waters investor?

Here is where robo-advisors come in.

Robo-advisors are, in summary, digital platforms that provide automated, algorithm driven financial planning services,  with little to no human supervision. These platforms typically collect information from clients and then use the data to advise or automatically invest client assets.

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