All Spiced Up
Brian Cheong 
Lamb Arepa – the sourness and fresh herbs balance the strong taste of the lamb

The first thing that grabs your attention at Fuego, Troika Sky Dining, is the stunning view overlooking KLCC and the iconic twin towers. Thanks to this, it has become quite a hot spot in the city for watching the sunset as you savour tapas and sip on a margarita.

Fortunately, the nosh at Fuego is also a very good reason for a return visit, all the more so now that it has added eight new items on its menu, from savouries to sweets, and even cocktails.

The grilled zucchini, for instance, opens up the appetite with its sweet pickled baby zucchini topped with a foam of parmesan. Pastry chef Ivan Ong’s Orange Sandwich is a sinful tropical treat complemented with coconut sorbet drizzled with pineapple juice.

Meanwhile, resident mixologist Rick Joore created not one, not two, but three coconut cocktails – Rum & Coconut, Jah Kokoye with aged rum and roasted coconut, and Coco-Kamaru made from fragrant rice-flavoured coconut water with tonka bean and salted pineapple.

Shaun Lazaroo

Chef de cuisine Shaun Lazaroo shares mouth-watering insights into five more delectable morsels.


1. Smoked Eel Guacamole

“The idea of using smoked eel came about because of its firm texture, giving it a nice bite. The smokiness of the eel helps enhance the flavour of the creamy guacamole.”

2. Malabar Ceviche

“An improved version of an existing item, it has been added with the sweetness of pineapple salsa to give the soft flesh of the snapper a better bite. The umami flavour of the wakame highlights the freshness of the fish. It’s important that you get to appreciate the freshness and quality of a ceviche dish.”


3. Prawn Ceviche

“We decided to use corn ice rock to complement the fresh tiger prawns. Frozen to -20°C, the popcorn brings the taste of the corn puree in the ceviche and also gives it an extra crunch. As it is served cold, having the smoke effect from the nitrogen also boosts the presentation of the dish. Last but not least, habanero chilli has that fruity distinction to pull the dish together with the prawns and the avocado salsa.”

Prawn Ceviche

4. Cauliflower Steak

“We get a lot of customers requesting for vegetarian dishes but this cauliflower isn’t any normal dish. The cauliflower is often an after-thought, almost never a highlight. We want to turn it into something that can be enjoyed by everyone, vegetarian or not. The balance of all the ingredients including fresh gremolata, buttery parmesan crumble and nuts truly make this a special dish.”


5. Lamb Arepa

“Arepa is a well-known street snack in Venezuela and is eaten any time of the day. We make our arepas the same way as the South Americans – with masa harina or ground corn flour. But instead of pork or chicken with plantain, black beans and lots of cheese, we fill it with lamb, carrots, jalapeno pickles, fresh watercress and dill. The sourness and fresh herbs balance the strong taste of the lamb.”

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This article first appeared in Focus Malaysia Issue 259.