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Grace Lim 
The Arissto coffee machine

In an era where shared economy services are all the rage – think ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Grab – would it not be amazing if there could be a service which did the same with coffee? Arissto is making that dream come true with its shared coffee programme, to be rolled out nationwide.

Hailing from Italy, Arissto embodies all the characteristics of a real cup of Italian coffee: a thin layer of foam, a distinctive three-tier ratio and moderate proportions with just the right amount of thickness. Now, with its shared coffee programme, the brand is offering quality coffee at 20% of the market price. Within the next three years, Arissto looks to install one million of its intelligent coffee machines on a free-of-charge basis in offices, commercial establishments in public areas and even within homes.

What makes it even better is that there is no need to sign a contract for a minimum amount of time. Interested parties only need to contact the brand, express their interest and purchase a minimum of 20 capsules. Installation, maintenance and service are provided free of charge.

Purchase the capsules of your choice on its website ( and they will be delivered right to your doorstep.  If you are on the hunt for a machine while out on the town, just go to its website for a list of places that give you access to it. It will be made available in public areas such as co-working spaces, self-service laundries and convenience stores.

Datuk Michael Lim, group president of NEP Holdings which distributes the Arissto brand, explained that besides the reasonable price point, customers will also be able to enjoy the best quality Italian coffee.

“The capsules are designed with a new technology. Arissto has found a way to prevent the coffee beans from oxidising as that lowers the quality of the coffee. Each capsule has been developed to have less than 1% of oxygen, so the beans still have space to breathe but at the same time the freshness of the coffee is maintained for a longer time. It’s also designed to allow high-temperature steam to fully extract the coffee essence,” Lim explains.

“The coffee beans used are also 100% natural, without any added preservatives and chemical additives to make it last longer.”

Datuk Michael Lim believes that the shared coffee plan will enable more people to enjoy quality coffee

The flavours are named according to a variety of emotions to match your mood such as Luna, Sunrise, In Love, Lonely, Amico and Passion. If coffee is not your preferred drink, there is also the Choco flavour to delight chocolate lovers. There are plans to introduce tea flavours in the future.

So say goodbye to long queues and exorbitant prices, and look out for an Arissto coffee machine near you.  

This article first appeared in Focus Malaysia Issue 263.