Even More Appertising
Grace Lim 
The restaurant now sports a new, brighter look

Mention the name “Delicious” and heart-warming, tasty food comes to mind. Established nearly 10 years ago, the existing outlets in Bangsar Village II, 1 Utama Shopping Centre and St Mary’s Place have undergone a transformation after being acquired by Envictus Group at the end of 2016. Envictus also owns Texas Chicken and San Francisco Coffee.

Tan San Hui, who has been with the Envictus Group for over a year as the marketing and communications representative of Delicious, is at the helm of the revamp. After months of work and fine-tuning the details, Delicious launched its Grand Café concept last month, affecting all of its outlets, with the Bangsar Village II outpost selected as the flagship restaurant.

Tan says the concept is comfort meets chic and hip

“The concept is comfort meets chic and hip. The Grand Café concept basically embodies our vision to create a comfortable environment where people can come together to share stories and moments, as well as enjoy good food in a fine epicurean atmosphere,” Tan elaborates.

“Bangsar Village II was chosen as the flagship store as it was at the top of the minds of most of our customers; this is the most recognisable address being one of the first to open when the brand started. It’s also our largest outlet at nearly 5,000 sq ft, and is able to accommodate a pizza section as well as a separate bar area.”

Nature has always been a favourite theme at Delicious – take for instance the bird motif. “While we thought it was time for the brand to grow, we’ve kept some elements from the past as it is still relevant with our concept. The bird element has always been here and we keep that as a reminder to our customers to always embrace the new.”

Of course, dining at Delicious is an experience in its own. “We want this to be the place you think of when you want to get together with friends or family. We want you to think of us for your celebrations. We emphasise on making the restaurants warm, welcoming and relaxing.”

She adds: “The experience begins the moment you step in. When you get good service, the food will also taste better.”

“Our ‘Delicious’ green is a touch of nature, inspiration and comfort. We have a cosy corner with plush sofas and a library where we hope people can find comfort, inspiration and ideas,” she says.  “There’s definitely some European influences in our interior design but it’s still very much East-meets-West style, similar to our menu that serves a good mix of Asian and Western dishes.”

Speaking of which, regulars will be pleased to find that old favourites such as Nasi Kerabu and Duck Confit Pasta have been retained. Of course, no revamp is complete with some exciting new dishes. We love the refreshing freshness of the Roast Pumpkin Salad, the hearty Basil Pesto Past with Country Grilled Chicken Breast, and the rather intriguing sounding Sirap Bandung Panna Cotta.

Sirap Bandung Panna Cotta

Tan believes that Delicious customers are ready for new things. “We’re not changing the essence of the brand, which has always been about comfort dining and comfort food. We only wanted to refresh the brand and let it evolve and grow, like most of our customers have over the years. We wanted to enhance the Delicious experience that has become so well-known with the city folk.”

She is also confident that Delicious will continue to thrive for the next 10 years and beyond. “We want our customers to only have a positive experience when they dine with us. That way, they will be back for more.”

This article first appeared in Focus Malaysia Issue 266.