Second Chances
Grace Lim | 08 Dec 2017 00:30
Modern European cuisine without breaking the bank at Deuce

When is an avocado not an avocado? When you are dining at Deuce.

There is an item on the dessert menu that says “Avocado” but is actually a combination of glutinous rice, pandan and coconut. It is head chef Ng Hun Yan’s version of kuih seri muka but served on avocado skin. The flesh has been removed earlier to make the avocado ice-cream that accompanies the Malay cake.

It is a taste of what this casual modern European restaurant has to offer. Deuce is owner Tricia Kandiah’s second venture in the same space – hence the name – but she also shares that the number “2” is her birth date, which she also claims to be her lucky number. “We even opened on Nov 2,” she quips.

Becoming a restaurateur was furthest from the 28-year-old’s mind when she returned to Malaysia after getting her Masters in Finance in the UK. Her first passion was fashion. “I even went as far as getting a company to make shoe samples for me because I was into shoe design.”