Budget 2018: Making impact where it matters
Lee Heng Guie | 03 Nov 2017 00:30
The tax cuts also mean that 261,000 individuals are no longer subjected to income tax

Budget 2018 has broad-based allocations and policy initiatives, covering agriculture, tourism and medical tourism, logistics and infrastructure, housing, capital market, SMEs, Industry Revolution 4.0 and Digital Free Trade Zone.

The ultimate test is whether the budgetary operations will be fiscally responsible and the development programmes will make the intended impact.

The government and implementing agencies must not have only good execution and implementation capacity, but also strong political will to plug leakages and wastages.

Besides the continuation of BR1M cash handouts totalling RM6.8 bil to seven million recipients, 2.37 million public servants and pensioners will enjoy special payments amounting to RM3 bil plus a host of enhanced benefits.